This site serves as supplemental course material.  Its purpose is grounded in the idea that students come into contact with opportunities for application of course concepts every day.  This site provides them with a clearinghouse for sharing those opportunities with their classmates.  This forum encourages students to be critical of the material they learn about in class and its application to their world.

Each week students in this course are asked to complete either a community application or a community connection (see syllabus for more details) about how the in-class topic resonates with them or applies to their lives.  Students can post comments reacting to other students quotes and threads will add to the development of course content.  This gives the students ownership in the creation of course curriculum and makes them an integral piece of the learning experience for their classmates.

Posts should be approximately 500 words and will be evaluated on quality of application, depth of thought, and overall structure.

For more information about this site or the course, please use the following information and to find out more about the Challenge 2050 Project click here.

Course Instructor

Tony Andenoro, PhD, Assistant Professor of Leadership Education

Department of Agricultural Education & Communication, Rolfs Hall 219

352.294.1999 (Office)          E-mail – andenoro@ufl.edu

Office Hours – All Day on Tuesday – Schedule an appointment with Jenn via jennwert@ufl.edu!

Course Teaching Assistants

Ms. Maria Carter

Email: mia6ix@ufl.edu



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